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Our unique name is a combination of the words Visionary and Creativity, that’s why our tagline is Your Visionary Ideas, Our Creative Solutions, and we mean every word of it. We are committed to harnessing the creative and visionary power of both our clients and ourselves to create results that inspire us, our clients, and their customers. What sets us apart is our unique ability to help you clearly visualize and articulate the message you need to get out to your audience and customers.

We are not just some guys with cameras, we are storytellers and filmmakers, devoted to enhancing your message visually and verbally in a way that puts you, your employees and your clients in touch with who your company is and what it stands for. Visitivity Media has worked with a diverse stable of clients from MGM Resorts International to State Street Bank, Brick City Economic Development in Newark, NJ to Taylor Protocols.

Our awards include: 2010 AEGIS Promotional Sales Video Award; 2 Platinum MarCom Awards in 2011 from the International Association of Marketing and Communications Professionals; 2012 Videographers Award, 2013 AVA Gold award for MGM Resorts International.