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Donna and Jeff ClappDonna Clapp



With a diverse background that includes both magazine journalism and television production in New York City, Donna knows how to tell a compelling and enrolling story both visually and verbally. Donna has a Masters of Media Arts from the New School with a major in documentary film. Her pre-production includes extensive research about your company and it’s executives in order to craft interview questions to elicit the kinds of answers that creates a documentary style that moves and inspires people to take action. Donna’s background as a journalist focused on both small business and economic development, so she understands what’s important to our corporate clients. During production, her directing skills will have you and your team at ease with the camera and focused on what’s important. . . your message.


Jeff Clapp

Editor/Special Effects Wizard/Web Designer


With a background that spans the artistic spectrum from designing award-winning logos and layouts as a magazine Creative Director to special effects motion graphics, Jeff produces visually stunning video that flows effortlessly from interviews to beautiful b-roll footage and back again. From the editing flow to the musical choices, Jeff’s video creations have eye-popping openers that immediately engage the audience and riveting endings to create a lasting impression that leaves the viewer emotionally connected to the story. . . and your company. His creative background also includes work at McCann-Erickson advertising in NYC where he worked on branding, pitch work, commercials and print advertising for clients such as Lucent Technologies, DuPont, Nescafe, Loreal, Gatorade, and Samuel Adams.