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Our Print Services

Wow your customers with beautiful and stunning graphics communications

Our Print Services


Visitivity Media can handle all of your custom printing needs. We are experienced in creating brochures, flyers, business cards, banners and even ad wraps for vehicles.


Setting your company apart from your competitors is crucial in today’s business environment. Customers are demanding interactive and informative presentations that engage and interest them.


Visitivity Media helps you accomplish this through consistent branding of your identity across all media: online, electronic and print. Our creative team will ensure your message is delivered clearly, effectively and consistently.


We offer expertise in the following:
• Logo Development/Branding
• Trade Show Signage
• Large Format Printing
• Brochures, Letterheads, Business Cards
• Truck Wraps


Our recipe for design success


Attention to detail, attention to your audience and attention to you. Visitivity Media’s design team molds this attention into your vision. Visitivity Media specializes in distilling your company, product or service into a unique visual identity and applying the brand across various media from print pieces like marketing brochures, packaging and stationery to interactive applications like web sites and presentations.


Visitivity Media uses visual tools to organize, explain, direct and inspire. Strong typography, colour and layout skills create unique materials that help clients communicate with their markets. We offer completely scalable design services catered for multimedia and print media.


We pride ourselves on our results but will never rest on our laurels and strive to make every new clients website and/or graphic design project, the best we have done to date. We will strive to meet and exceed your requirements and our team will work closely with yours to finish your project on time and on budget.


Every project has its unique and individual needs. We custom-tailor our designs to match your specific needs. In order to keep consistency in all our work we have a guideline we follow to make sure that every aspect of the project goes smoothly and that we can provide you with the best possible outcome. Here are our steps for both print and web projects:


Client Meeting


This initial discussion regarding your company is very important and will help both you and us shape the program that will be most effective for you.




Many projects we tackle require us to put together an overall outline of the project as well as summaries of required content we will need from you. At this point we usually discuss text copy, photography, logos and graphics, etc. and make sure that we have all of the important topics covered.




Before we go too deep into the production phase, we will present initial design concepts for your approval. These may take the form of sketches or wireframes, which will convey the layout scheme to you without the time and detail required for a final layout. Depending on the terms of your agreement, we will usually allow 2-3 rounds of conceptual and layout edits of the drafts before we move forward. Client feedback during this stage is essential. It is important that we make firm decisions with you regarding the layout, design and direction, since once the design is decided upon, major alterations will require additional fees.


Working Examples


In a logo, print or website project, we will build your layouts to a point of completion where the client will be able to truly see what the finished product will look like. We refer to this as a working prototype or a “beta” version of your design.

Final Delivery


When the design project is nearly complete, the client may make 1 last round of content edits, depending on the terms of the agreement. We will then fine tune everything before the logo files are released, before the print designs go into production, or before the website is launched on the internet. Whether it is re-branding or new logo design, a new website design, a brochure design and other print solutions, or a new marketing campaign, our approach to your challenges will be as unique as your business itself.